YAPA2k5T (YA*T's Yet Another PriX Ars 2005 Tool) by v.n.a.t.r.c.? is a special presentation item of YA*T family submitted to PRIXARS: Prix Ars Electronica 2005 Linz.

standing for Yet Another * Tool, YA*T is an art_softwares family or "haute-couture" collection designed in Python/Zope by v.n.a.t.r.c.? : Rico da Halvarez & bituur esztreym.

YA*T's family topmodels so far :

YAST 2.7 : Yet Another Sizing Tool

YAIT 1.0 : Yet Another Intelligent Tool (written by p4)

YAWT 3.2003 : Yet Another War Tool

YAAAT 81.3 : Yet Another ASCII Art Tool

YARVBT 3.3.3 : Yet Another Rouge Vert Bleu Tool

HUsky - - Yop Yop - Yedt Adnozzer Input Tool

not forgetting TxT_disorder

Iconoclast? v.n.a.t.r.c.? no : YATI : Yet Another Tool for Icons

na ja also no olvida : YATE'T : Yet Another Toxic Epav' Tool : addiction HOME® EPAVPROD

for compulisive clickers : YACCT : Yet Another click click tool

YA*T art_softwares released under GNU GPL by v.n.a.t.r.c.? c]