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YAAAT 81.3 : Yet Another ASCII Art Tool is the top model of the art_software collection designed by v.n.a.t.r.c.?'s experts, all written in Python/Zope. it's an everrefreshing random ASCIIs displayer.
it is intended as a collaborative art_software : you may at will upload asciis (no html like < please), in the displayed forms & then gaze at it in YAAAT 81.3.
it works then displaying all elements in a random way : colors, size, div_indexes, marquee... everything is randomized in a cute & graceful way : no one never will see the same page.
[YAAAT 81.3 :: Yet Another ASCII Art Tool].

[YAAAT 81.3 :: Yet Another ASCII Art Tool] is created by vnatrc.net/, & is released under GNU/GPL, as a webart site tool for anyone !
get your own YAAAT (to set in a Zope-run site) : contact us !
so that it may run smartly & mischievously, forever new & teasing.

add ASCII to YAAAT 81.3
- collaborative asciis from YAAAT users, v.n.a.t.r.c.? is not responsible for these.

this software_art piece now works quite good on Mozilla : it wasn't a slight problem of cache, but of code : we found the trick, so that today it works of course better under Mozilla than with the "sombre merde" named IE... (¡ yeppee !) ; thanks for understanding.


[YAAAT 81.3 :: Yet Another ASCII Art Tool] : [ c] vnatrc.net/ 2003 ]